FieldDoc works hard to offer opportunities to track progress towards your goal for each individual practice, rolling up to progress on the entire project. This tutorial will walk you through the steps to update your project's progress at your leisure, or in conjunction with interim/final reporting to your Funder.

First, navigate to project --> site --> practice.

  • Click on the plus sign to add a report. You can add reports at anytime during your project period.

Add or Edit your Report

Month, Date, Year
The system will default to the day you create the report, but you can backdate this report if needed.

Practice Area
The practice area is calculated on the location or shapefile delineated when you created this practice. The area is standardized to acres.

Implementation Progress
Only the metrics that you associated with this practice when building this page are available. You can track implementation progress by entering a numerical value for one or more of the metrics. TIP: If you try to add a progress value that exceeds a metric's baseline practice value, FieldDoc will cap the site target's value for you.

Add any relevant information that you want to associate with this implementation report. Funder administrators in FieldDoc will be able to read these notes, so this is an excellent place to add these supplemental details on your work.

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