Now that you’ve created your project overview with your overall project target metrics, it’s time to start entering in details that identify the location and work that will be completed through the project. You’ll do this by creating site pages for each site or representative sites for your project and then adding practices to each site.

Add a new site

Add a new site by clicking on the plus sign on your Project Overview page under the Sites heading. TIP: You can add multiple sites.

Site Name and Description
Each project site needs basic identifying information.

  • Name. Choose something easily identifiable for the project implementation team. 
  • Description. Include a brief description of the site.
  • Privacy. This is up to you and we strongly recommend ensuring you have land owner's permission prior to adding their own personal information to the name and description field.  You can also adjust privacy setting as needed via the toggle at the bottom.

Site Geography

What is the site geography?

Your site's footprint should, ideally, correspond to a parcel boundary where work will happen. But in reality, a parcel might not be the right size for your site. If you have a lot of sites, you may want to identify the counties where you'll implement your practices, or watersheds. If you're unsure what to use to represent your site, ask your program coordinator.

Add your location

We recommend uploading a .zip file of the individual parcel, however you can draw the geographic boundary using the map draw tools. Make sure that your .zip file has all of the required components (.shp, .shx, .dbf, and .prj) and that the projection is in WGS1984.

  • Important:  Make sure you click the big green button to save your changes after you are done editing or adding your geography.
  • Important: Check out the Tutorial and read our additional documentation on uploading your shapefile or using FieldDoc's draw tools.

Site Partnerships

You can allocate a portion of the project partners and their associated dollars that you assigned a the project level to this site, if applicable.

  • Click on the dollar sign to open up a single contribution page and allocate a portion of the match to this site.

Site Tags

Tags should look familiar too – you may have chosen tags at the project level. If applicable, choose a tag from those in the available lists. The Program Administrators may be using this information to filter Dashboards for review.

Next Step

Add your practice

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