Projects are the highest level of information with respect to your work in FieldDoc.  A user can create multiple projects in their account and from there, step through the process of practices and/or sites.  Before we tackle all of that, let's look at the high level details of a project.

What is a project?

In FieldDoc, a single project should align with the area and activities that are associated with one grant in one funding opportunity. 

How do I build my project in FieldDoc?

We’re going to step through each component of building a project out and maintaining it. 

Step 1. Create a new project 

Step 2. Name Project

Name. Your FieldDoc project name should match the name provided in your program information.

Select a Program. All projects must be assigned to a single program. Each program has a unique, curated list of practice types, metrics, and models so they are not interchangeable.

Click Ok. This will save your work and bring you to the Project Edit page.

Step 3. Add a Project Description

Step through the fields to enter in all of your general project details. These should match the information that you are sharing through your grant proposal, if applicable.

  • Name. Create a project name.  In some cases you will be creating this project for a grant program.  If this is the case, use your existing grant title as the project name.  If you have further questions you can always reach out to your grant program contact.

  • Description. Add a description. Keep it simple and use the summary from your grant proposal.  

  • Organization. Organization will be pre-populated. You can add collaborators at a future screen.

  • Grant Program. Don't forget to assign your project to the grant program that you are submitting this proposal to or that is already funding this project. NOTE: This step is super important because it will determine what practices, metrics, and models are available for your project.

  • Privacy. Choose the correct privacy setting. You can choose the privacy setting at the project level or if there are only certain locations that need to remain private you can toggle on privacy at those specific locations.

  • Important:  Click the Green Check Circle to save your work. Click the top right mosaic icon to review your project summary page.

Step 4. Project Summary Page

You will now be brought to the project landing page. On the right hand navigation you may want to add collaborators to your project.

Project Collaborators

  • Add or remove project members. Members are users outside of your organization that need access to this project. Giving access rights to this project will have full access to all editing capabilities. Make sure you grant these permissions only to people you want to have full access. Project members must have an existing FieldDoc Account set up to be added.

Next Steps

Optional: Step 2: Add A Site

Required: Step 3: Add A Practice

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