Once you have at least one site associated with your project, you can start entering specific practice data to that site. The practices and instructions that are available will differ depending on the Grant Program that you assigned the project to. Because the information varies so much depending on the grant program, our help documentation may appear more sparse that the other sections.

Fear not, the process to enter your practice information follows the same steps as the project and site - so by this stage you should be an old pro at the entry!

Practices refer to the on-the-ground restoration work you and partners will complete through the life cycle of the project. Practices are identified and progressed towards completion through the sites. So, if your project will be installing the same practices at multiple sites, you'll need to add details separately at each site.  To do this:

Click on the plus sign on the bottom of your Site Overview page.

Practice Edit

Name. Enter in your your practice's name. There are no restrictions on what you name this field.

Description. Enter in a description of your installation process, extent, or other information you want to keep handy for yourself or the Program Administrators.

Practice Type. When you start typing in your practice, suggested options will appear. Once you've chosen an option, additional details defining that practice as well as instructions on what data and geographic extent to provide appears. 

Privacy. If the privacy setting was not selected at an earlier stage (Project or Site) you can toggle on the Privacy setting here if required, 

Practice Location

Follow the same instructions as for the project site to upload your shapefile or draw a polygon of the practice location. Make sure the you use the POLYGON, not a point. This polygon is crucial for calculating the estimated N, P, and TSS reductions, if they exist.

Practice Photos

Upload photos associated with your project, site, or practice here. Right now you can upload one file at a time.

Practice Targets

Assign targets to the practice from the list you selected at the site level. Add in your target metric goal for this specific practice at this specific site. NOTE: If you have correctly added a polygon then the system will automatically calculate the estimated reductions for N, P, and TSS. They will appear on the overall practice page.

Practice Tags

If the Funding Opportunity has assigned tags, you can choose to associate your Site with any of those tags here. The tags will be the same as those available at the Site level.

Create More Practices

Each site can have more than one practice tied to it. Repeat the steps above, assigning the practice name, location, metric  targets, and tags for each practice associated with the project site. 

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