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CAP Implementation Grant Project Estimates in FieldDoc
CAP Implementation Grant Project Estimates in FieldDoc
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Guidelines specific to CAP Implementation

County partners are asked to enter every project into FieldDoc that they plan on including in their CAP Implementation Grant application.

  • Contractors they have hired to act as their CAP Coordinator. Coordinators cannot be added to County Organizations but will need to be added as collaborators to all projects.

The projects being entered “should” be designed and permitted and ready to be put in the ground in 12-18 months.

  • Some projects will remain in FieldDoc throughout implementation. These will be stormwater and natural sector projects. Any agriculture projects entered for nutrient reduction estimates will have to be deleted after the application process.

Some projects will need to have a representative site used in place of an exact location because the exact location is undetermined or because there will be a large number of different locations and entering each would be very tedious.

  • This does not apply to all projects. A representative site can be used when entering the following practices:

    • Cover Crop Program

    • Riparian Buffer Program

    • Pollinator Meadow Program

  • When entering these projects, the county should input the estimated total area in the custom area box.

  • These programs' total area should be estimated based on last year’s total amounts.

If this is the first year a county is applying for one of these programs, they should speak with their DEP project advisor before applying.

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