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FieldDoc System Update April 2023

Our latest system updates address some ongoing user requests in terms of functionality and responsiveness of the FieldDoc system. Recent feature and function updates include the following:

Update: Reconnected the Practice to Site relationship

For users who are still utilizing the Site Feature, you can now add a site to a practice after that practice has been created. Make sure that you already have your site established through the site set up workflow. Then, when configuring your practice, search for the site from your project’s list of sites and add the site to the practice. After the connection has been established, you can enter into a Site summary page to see all related practices.

Update: Improved system Reset for Completion Date

Recognizing that you may need to edit fields with ease after entering in information, our team has improved the system refresh responsiveness for the fields in the Completion Status and Inspection Log features. Now, if you need to remove an existing entry you can click the “refresh status” button and then the existing entry is removed. Once deleted, tap the button labeled “Mark practice as complete” to enter in a new date.

Update: Access Funding Program Practice, Metric, and Model Information

If you are interested in learning more about the practices, metrics, and supporting models tied to a specific program, you can now access that information from the relevant Program Summary page. To find this page, navigate to your project summary page. This page is accessible to all users, regardless of your user status.

In the upper corner you can select the program name to arrive at the program summary page.

Each program page offers a right hand side panel that brings you to the list of practices and the list of metrics.

Choose an icon and then search through the practices to find one of interest. If you click on the summary icon for a practice it will bring you to an overview page. The page includes a description of the practice, metrics associated with the practice, and information about any models tied to the practice.

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