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FAQ - Practice Extent Looks Wrong
FAQ - Practice Extent Looks Wrong

If your practice extent calculated by the system looks wrong, there are a few possible reasons and solutions

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When you are entering information into each practice tile, the practice extent - or footprint - is a key component. The system calculates this extent automatically based on the polygon or line segment that you draw on your practice edit location page. When you navigate to the practice metrics page, the calculated extent appears.

In some instances, users find that the extent number does not match what the user want or expect to see.

Scenario 1: Your location geometry needs to be changed.

Some model inputs require a line segment to calculate based on feet while other model inputs require a footprint displayed as a polygon. Some practice types may have had an updated geography type since you started your project, which means that you may need to go in and change the geometry type on your location page if you'd like to have the system calculate the extent based on and geometry. Alternatively, use the custom extent field to enter in the correct extent and keep the geometry as is on the location page.

Scenario 2: The extent is displaying in a unit different than what you expect. 

If the extent on the metrics page is showing a larger number than what you expect, the system may be calculating it in a different unit than you expect. If this is the case, follow the instructions for the expected unit in the custom extent field and enter in the correct amount there.

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