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What to expect when you use a representative site

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Planning a project but haven't confirmed your site locations yet? That's OK! 

In FieldDoc you can create representative sites and practices at the planning stage. The closer the representative sites are to what is planning on being implemented, the better.  When you have funding in hand and the project gets underway, you can go into your project and update the site locations. 

We suggest that you follow this path of logic to build your FieldDoc project with representative sites:

If you know that you’ll be working at 4 separate sites, all doing the same (duplicate) practices, but you don’t know exactly where those sites will be, then you should create 4 representative sites and equally distribute metric target values between them.

While creating shell sites for duplicative practices may seem repetitive, it will create less work for you in the long run since the funders will ask that all sites be identified in FieldDoc by the close of the project period. 

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