FieldDoc helps you track progress towards your metric goals via Reports. Reports are entered within each practice.

Here's how.

1. Click into a practice tile

2. Click on the Report Icon

Click on the Report Icon on the right hand panel or scroll down to the Reports section to add the report there. If this is your first report, an orange circle will indicate where to click to start a new report.

3. Name your Report

The name is an easy reference feature.

4. Complete the Report fields

Confirm the date for your report.

The default will be the date you entered the report.

Enter implementation activities that impact any manual metrics.

For example, number of trees planted, miles of habitat restored, etc. You will not be able to make any quantitative inputs based on the estimated reduction calculations for Nitrogen, Phosphorus, or Total Suspended Solids. Remember to click the check mark to save all of the individual target metrics.

Enter in any additional notes

The notes field is intended to capture non-metric driven updates that you want to include in your FieldDoc notes.

Click Save.

The green check mark circle must be clicked to save the entire report, even if you did not enter any additional notes.

What happens next?

The information that you entered into your report will appear on the practice summary page as well as on the project summary page. If you have three practices that are all tracking the same metric, the sum of those inputs will appear on the practice page. You must enter into a new practice to continue submitting reports.

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