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Important: FieldDoc Data Migration
Important: FieldDoc Data Migration

Currently using FieldDoc to track an open grant? PLEASE READ

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Based on the amazing feedback from our community of users, FieldDoc has undergone a major overhaul resulting in new features, better workflows, and a cleaner user interface.  We've streamlined the project entry process and made it MUCH EASIER to set restoration targets and document your work on the ground.

In an effort to make this transition as smooth as possible, we've given our users a head start by migrating existing projects, sites, practices, and metrics to the new system.  To avoid any inadvertent loss in data, we have the old version of FieldDoc running at the link below:

FieldDoc users can still login and access any old components of the platform that need to be referenced. 

We are here to support you

If you notice your project looks a bit different from what is on or have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.  Our goal is to make this transition as clean as possible.  The FieldDoc team is available from 9 to five on weekdays via

Webinars Supporting Transition

Our first webinar in support of this update was held on March 6th.  You can find a full recording of the walkthrough at the link below.

We'll be hosting additional webinars throughout the months of April and May.  Signups will be circulated to our users via email.  Once again if you can't make the date or simply want to talk to a person, reach out to

Feature Updates

The FieldDoc team will be posting a formal announcement about our platform's new improvements but here is a sneak peak of some super exciting updates you can expect:

  • Dashboards:  Add your projects and metrics to a Dashboard to visualize the cumulative impact of your work.

  • Streamlined entry of best management practice metrics and estimation of load reductions

  • Ability to draw or upload .shp files of a project site parcel and best management practice footprint.

  • Significant performance improvements and bug fixes

  • Enhanced privacy controls for projects, sites, and practices.

We understand that software updates create another thing to do within your massive lineup of tasks.  That said, we anticipate that these changes proposed by our userbase will provide a much better user experience as you continue to utilize the system.  We're excited to help you through this transition and appreciate all of the feedback that has gone into building on the success of the platform!

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