FieldDoc improves transparency and management of restoration work. 

Funders have a new found level of confidence on where their investments are going to improve landscapes and what impact those investments will have on meeting reduction targets. But funders aren’t the only ones interested in and informed by this detailed look at region-wide restoration work: professionals getting their feet wet or hands dirty benefit from this information as well. The old adage goes “what gets measured gets done” and this fresh look available through the lens of FieldDoc helps the entire conservation movement move towards a higher level of confidence that the efforts underway are efficiently and effectively improving our natural world.

Thanks to FieldDoc, organizations can watch as their portfolio of projects grows - both the footprint and the progress towards achieving stated metrics. How cool is that? Organizations can push their work to funders while also giving their own stakeholders a window into the geographic and quantitative work their investing in accomplishing to achieve their mission.

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