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What is FieldDoc?
Who does FieldDoc Serve?
Who does FieldDoc Serve?

Should you create a FieldDoc Account? What type of account do you need?

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Are you involved in implementing on-the-ground restoration work? Do you need a way to track your work: where it is happening, what you're doing, and what impact it's having on restoring natural resources? If you said yes to any of this, then FieldDoc can support your work.

Currently, two key stakeholder groups make use of Field Doc. The first are project funders that collect project proposals and track progress on their restoration investments. Check out our Grant Programs section for a selection of funders currently using Water Reporter in their tracking strategy.

The second group is, as you can guess, organizations requesting funding from or being funded by participating funding programs. These restoration professionals track their intended work and the impact that it will have on improving the local natural resources.

Who can Join the FieldDoc Platform

FieldDoc serves all stakeholders connected to on the ground restoration work. The most active users in FieldDoc are restoration funders and organizations receiving funding to complete restoration projects. 

Someone applying for funding for a current FieldDoc support Program can sign-up online for a free account. 

Thanks to the flexibility of the platform, FieldDoc can support any conservation program that wants to track metrics and locations across projects for their program. In other words, more funders can join and start tracking their work through FieldDoc at any time.  For funders or other groups looking to track work across organizations, get in touch with the FieldDoc Team to get started.

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