What is FieldDoc?
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FieldDoc is the online platform restoration funders and professionals use to manage and visualize progress for their work. Via a user-friendly interface, stakeholders map their efforts and track progress across projects, with the ability focus in on work for specific conservation practices while also offering a high-level view across projects.

How this plays out is quite simple. A user that is applying for funding via a FieldDoc supported grant program will enter all of their project information as a distinct project in FieldDoc. The project information includes general project details, practice locations, and proposed practices to be implemented.

FieldDoc helps funders know where investments have been made and what impact those investments have had on meeting targets to improve water quality. For instance, across the Chesapeake Bay watershed, funders can track the impact of their grantees to reduce sediment and nutrients entering the Chesapeake Bay. 

The FieldDoc Platform is designed to help you

  1. Collaboratively manage and document the implementation of your organization’s restoration projects;

  2. Map where your organization is working to restore water quality;

  3. Plan, implement, and monitor best management practices (BMPs) associated with your restoration sites and projects; and

  4. Manage track and share restoration outcomes.

Interacting with FieldDoc’s restoration project management tools ensures your organization’s on-the-ground progress will be made instantly available in a variety of open formats for your own internal tracking purposes as well as for grant reporting.

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