Each Dashboard is unique thanks to customization available to all users. Users can create one or many dashboards and tailor the content to the information they are trying to review or share with other audiences.

When you follow these steps, creating your dashboard is a simple way to aggregate a lot of information in a meaningful and manageable way.

Create a new Dashboard

  • Click on the green plus circle to create a new dashboard. You will land on the edit page (indicator is the pen on the right hand navigation page).
  • Give your dashboard a name and description. These can be edited later. As you build a library of dashboards, your description is a helpful place to remind yourself of what's in this dashboard. Remember to click the green circle check to save your dashboard.
  • From the right hand navigation pane you can view your dashboard or further filter and customize the dashboard.

Add or Edit Dashboard Filters

  • Projects are the core building blocks of a dashboard. To generate a list of projects, you can select projects from your entire collection one-at-a-time or use filters to control which projects appear on your dashboard.
  • You can select all projects by toggling the Select All choice to on. OR you can click through and choose from your existing projects.
  • You can also key in on a list of relevant projects by their collected in FieldDoc. Search for practice type funding programs, organizations, and/or tags to use as project filters. When you add a filter, FieldDoc automatically includes any projects that match your filter combination.
  • If you use filters, you do not need to manually add projects to this dashboard.

Edit Dashboard Metrics

  • Once you've selected projects from the list or filter views, you need to add metrics.  Selecting the dashboard metrics will allow you to choose any number of metrics from the list that you would like to display on your dashboard.

Edit Dashboard Geographies

  • Search for geographies by name or conservation program. If you select a conservation program, all of that program’s associated geographies will appear in the dashboard.
  • You can always remove specific geographies once they appear in your list if you want to cull the list down or customize it more.
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