Adding data to your Geographies tab may be one of the most technical components of FieldDoc. If you follow these simple steps and tips you should breeze through the process.

  • Navigate to the Geographies Field on the left hand banner. 
  • Category. Add a category. Suggested categories will appear if you've previously uploaded a geographies. If you do not find an option that matches you're category, the system will automatically create it.
  • Choose file. Upload a .zip file under 100MB.

Upload Tips:

  • Important:  We recommend giving adding a "name" field to your .shp file with the appropriate name of each feature.  For example, if you add a field called "name" for counties and input the appropriate county name in each feature of the .shp file, FieldDoc will ensure that name is added to each record as it's imported to the system.
  • GeoJSON files must use the .json or .geojson file extensions and follow the format described in this specification. We recommend testing GeoJSON data with before uploading it to FieldDoc. See here for more help with the GeoJSON format.
  • Please note that in addition to the mandatory .shp, .shx, and .dbf files, shapefile archives must include a .prj file that describes the coordinate system and projection.
  • Your projection should be WGS 84. This projection was chosen as it aligns with nearly all web GIS applications.

If you're having any trouble uploading your geographies, get in touch through the chat box in our help docs or reach out to our support team.

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