The Geographies Feature unlocks the opportunity to delineate areas where you work and track metrics spatially.

Geographies work by allowing the user to upload shapefiles to their account. FieldDoc will read what is in the .shp file and for each feature create a record that allows you to put the feature on a dashboard and even track explicit metric progress at the feature's scale.  For Example:

  • You may have forest buffer acreage metric targets in five counties in PA.  With Geographies you could upload a .shp file of your counties, assign targets, and FieldDoc will track progress toward those geographic goals anytime you add projects, sites and practices that meet those tracking criteria.

Who can delineate geographies? 

Funders using FieldDoc to collect geographic data and metrics are uploading funding opportunity-wide spatial data.

Individual users can also upload their own geographic data to appear on their personal dashboards.

How should I prepare my .SHP File For Upload?

We recommend choosing a shapefile that delineates the areas of interest you aim to either track progress to our summarize implementation progress by.  Here are some helpful examples:

For specific details on how to upload files, read Uploading Geographies.

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