The best way to know the impact of an investment is to track progress towards a goal. Metrics help the project implementers and funders alike track that progress. 

Metrics in FieldDoc allow a high degree of flexibility to the project owner while also allowing funders to track metrics critical to their portfolio goals for all investments.

FieldDoc recognizes that funders and users both have goals that are worth tracking through this digital system. For instance, the organization conducting riparian zone restoration at five farms wants to track their progress towards meeting their goals:

  • the number of farms
  • the acres of plantings
  • the number of ¬†trees planted

The funder may only want to track the acres of plantings and the number of farms. While their motivations for tracking this information may overlap, they are not fully parallel and assist in conveying different results.

The approach of FieldDoc is to keep the metrics separate but equal so that funders can gather the information they need at the project and funding opportunity level. Organization users can also track their metrics at the organization and project level to report out progress to their stakeholders as well as make compelling cases for future funding.

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