Every user accesses the FieldDoc platform via their personal user account.

For those new to Field Doc, create an account to get started:

1. Navigate to FieldDoc.org

All work starts at FieldDoc.org

2. Click on "Need an Account"

From the main landing page, you need to create a unique account before you can get started.

3. Populate all fields with the requested information.

4. Find an organization

Your account must be tied to an organization. If your organization is not yet in the system, please email support@fielddoc.org and we will add it for you.

5. You have completed the set up process!

Once you create your personal account, the system will drop you off at your personal workspace page.

Helpful Registration Tips!

  • Only one account can be created for each email address. If the system says you’ve already created an account you can return to the sign in page to request a password reset. 

  • Forgot your password? No worries! Click Forgot Your Password and an email will be sent to your inbox so that you can create a new one and get back into the system quickly.

  • Everyone should create their own log-in accounts. You can assign collaborators outside of your organization within a project.

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