Every user accesses the FieldDoc platform via their personal user account. For those new to Field Doc, you can create an account in a few simple steps: 

Get your account registered

  • Create your account by typing in your name, email address, and password.
  • A page appears for you to identify your parent organization. 
  • Once you create your personal account, the system will drop you off at your personal workspace page.

Helpful Registration Tips!

  • Only one account can be created for each email address. If the system says you’ve already created an account you can return to the sign in page to request a password reset. 
  • Forgot your password? No worries! Click Forgot Your Password and an email will be sent to your inbox so that you can create a new one and get back into the system quickly.
  • If multiple members of your organization need accounts, or if you are working on a project with another organization, you will be able to identify those collaborators on a different page. Everyone should create their own log-in accounts.

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